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Supplying Quality Bird Feeders and Birdhouses Since 1994! Massive range of bird feeders and birdhouses, including window bird feeders, decorative bird feeders, solar bird feeders, decorative birdhouses and more!

Bird Feeders

Choose from a range of high-quality, attractive bird feeders
We stock decorative bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders, traditional bird feeders and more.... There are over 700 bird feeders to choose from

From only $14.99

Bird Feeder


Encourage wild birds to nest in your yard with our unique Birdhouses
We carry a wide range of decorative birdhouses, traditional birdhouses, Purple Martin birdhouses and more... enjoy the pleasure of watching different species of birds living in your garden.... There are over 160 birdhouses to choose from.

From only $19.99


Articles about Bird Feeders, Birdhouses Bird Baths and more

We ship to the United States and Canada

Bird Feeders

The fastest way to a birds heart is through their stomach. Learn about different types of bird feeders and the birds they feed.



The basic wooden birdhouse offers the essentials of just about any type of nesting bird. Find out about the different sizes of birdhouses and the birds that nest there.


Choosing & Mounting Your Birdhouses - Once you start feeding backyard birds, the next natural step is to put up a few birdhouses. Find out how to choose and mount a birdhouse.


Bird Baths

A birdbath is a year-round attraction for birds, see how to attract birds and seasonal tips.


Hello William,
I just received my bird feeders and your kind note. I want to "thank you" for your speedy correspondence and your excellent Customer Service!! You have already "blown me away" with such Impeccable Service towards the care of your Customers!!

Janine C.
Fairport, NY


Thanks for your help with the bird houses, great support! I will recommend your site to everyone I know.

Connie H.
Sparta KY.

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