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Annuals That Attract Wild Birds


Learn seven of the favorite bird-attracting annuals to add to your yard. 
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Favorite Berries for Wild Birds


When adding a new shrub to your garden, select one with berries.  Choosing one that produces berries gives you a living bird feeder. Find out what are the birds favorites.
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Binoculars - Some Basic Tips


Bring the details of the lives of your backyard birds into focus.  Learn some basic binocular tips.
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Relationship Between Plants and Birds


Because birds are important to plants, the plants have developed fruits that are attractive and conspicuous to birds.
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Bird Feeders


The fastest way to a bird's heart is definitely through their stomach.  Learn about different types of bird feeders and how to maintain your Bird Feeders. 
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Bird Feeding


Learning the basics foods and the treats that bring wild birds flocking is an education all in itself.
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Where Birds Eat

Consider your backyard in three levels.  What are those levels and what do they have to do with your backyard birds? 
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Beaks - What They Tell You


Some birds beaks are smaller than your thumbnail, whereas others are as long as your arm.  Learn to determine what types of food birds eat by their beaks.
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If you live in a neighborhood full of people who like to feed birds, knowing a few birdseed secrets will make your bird feeders the busiest on the block. 
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Birdhouse Basics


A basic wooden birdhouse offers the essentials of just about any type of nesting bird.  Specifics about different sizes of birdhouses and the birds that will nest there. 
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A birdbath is a year-round attraction for birds, see how to attract birds and seasonal tips. 
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Choosing and Mounting Your Birdhouses


Once you start feeding backyard birds, the next natural step is to put up a few birdhouses.  Find information about choosing and mounting your birdhouses. 
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Choosing Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders



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