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Bird Feeding

Learning about the basic foods and the treats that bring wild birds flocking is an education all in itself. Knowing what to feed will help you fine-tune the offerings at your backyard bird cafe so that the guests you can expect will be provided for with little waste. Finding out what plants work the best for birds makes us better gardeners, too.

Knowing when to feed is vital for the birds who will quickly become regulars at your feeding station. Though it's not true that birds will wither away if you neglect to feed them, it is a fact that birds go to their accustomed places to find food first. If no food is there they will head off to seek sustenance elsewhere. So at critical times - during the winter and nesting season - you'll want to make sure you're keeping up with your feeders.

You'll attract more birds, and more variety of birds, if you combine plants with feeders. Bird feeders are the quickest way to draw a crowd to your yard, but bird-favored plants will attract a different group - the insect eaters and the fruit lovers who aren't tempted by even the fanciest birdseed.

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