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Birdhouse Accessories

Birdhouse Accessories....

help keep your birdhouses safe from predators and makes placing your birdhouse easy. We carry predator guards that are made of metal and of wood as well as hangers, poles and brackets for placing your birdhouse in just the right location to attract the exact bird species for your birdhouse.

A predator guard can be used to change the size of the opening to help attract a different bird to your birdhouse. Or they help keep those pesky squirrels from chewing the opening of your birdhouse to a larger size. A very economical way to attract different birds than what have been in your house before.

We have a large selection of mounting brackets, poles and hangers for mounting your birdhouse exactly where it will attract the right species of bird to your birdhouse. For more information, see our article "birdhouse basics" to help find just the right birdhouse.   Birdhouse Accessories