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Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in many types and sizes. So, the question to ask yourself is....what kind of birds do you want to attract? Do you want doves, cardinals, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, orioles, chickadees, goldfinches, sparrows, jays, titmice or all of the above?

Hummingbird feeders have narrow openings and contain nectar. Suet feeders are usually wire mesh baskets that hold pre-packaged suet cakes. These are just what Woodpeckers love. Tube feeders are tubes with several ports or feeding stations down the tube which are perfect for Goldfinches and Chickadees. Platform feeders are flat and attract Cardinals and Doves.

Whatever your choice we have bird feeders for all those birds and more. Bird watching with bird feeders and bird houses is the second fastest growing hobby in the country, with only gardening ahead of it.